The importance of and need for refrigeration equipment is constantly growing. Today, refrigeration equipment is needed to produce both cold and heat, and the amount of equipment is growing rapidly. The construction, repair and maintenance of a refrigeration plant are essential activities. The load on the environment can be influenced through equipment and refrigerant choices. With good planning, the greatest environmental actions are taken and the risks are minimised.

Our experts are here to help

We are experienced in the refrigeration industry, but we have the agility and flexibility of a growing company. Our experts will advise you on difficult issues. With Darment, finding a durable and high-quality refrigeration solution is quick and easy. 

Darment takes care of the cold

Darment is a refrigeration wholesaler operating in Helsinki. We offer first-class refrigeration products for the needs of the maintenance, contracting and manufacturing industries. Our goal is to offer everything a refrigeration professional needs in their work with low prices and quick deliveries. We closely follow the changes in the industry and the ever-tightening regulations. We try to anticipate future changes on behalf of our customers. We guide our customers to make the best choices.


It is important to act responsibly in a field that can have a great impact on the environment. Darment has the appropriate permits issued by the authority for the handling and storage of refrigerants. We make sure that those refrigerants that burden the environment do not get into the environment. We also guide our customers to act in a responsible manner. 

Fast deliveries and affordable prices

It is important for us to keep the prices of refrigeration products at an affordable level for the customer. We have invested in fast delivery times and always strive to deliver orders as quickly as possible so that the waiting time at the site is as short as possible.

A great selection of refrigerants

All refrigerants are tested

Our laboratory tests each batch of refrigerant for impurities and imbalances. Our customers can be sure that the refrigerant is effective.

Over 40 refrigerants are available immediately

Darment has a wide range of refrigerants in stock for different applications. Our experts will advise you on choosing the most suitable refrigerant. 

Everything for cold installations

Quality products quickly and affordably

We strive to prepare for the future and anticipate our customers’ needs. We also have a diverse selection of spare parts for the maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment. We keep the prices low and deliver orders quickly.